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Welcome to Natural Path Consulting!

Are you interested in increasing energy, vitality, resilience and immunity naturally?

Our guiding principles:

  • Health care is self- care. Your strongest self empowers the total health of your family, your community and our collective humanity
  • The focus is on building health versus disease management. This is accomplished with safe, effective, proven natural remedies
  • Symptoms provide a personal roadmap to healing. Read and nourished properly, these challenges help build personal empowerment
  • A balanced body, mind and energy field is capable of self-repair from damage and toxic influences
  • With proper guidance, our internal healing forces can be directed to empower life.

About Us

Natural Path Consulting takes a unique approach to building health by combining traditional healing methods with the latest technological advances in the field of alternative and natural health care.

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The Power of Vibrational Medicine
Healing with the Bioacoustics of Nature

This innovative work examines health from the viewpoint that illness is initiated by imbalances in the energy systems of the body and proposes that methods to detect and to correct these imbalances are integral to a comprehensive health system. With advanced technology, we are now able to observe and monitor the presence of the body's subtle energy fields that have been previously undetectable by conventional methods. The research presented here demonstrates that we are missing a vital dimension in our current model of conventional medicine, the realm of bioelectromagnetic and subtle energy fields.