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“Misdirected life force is the activity in the disease process. Disease has no energy save what it borrows from the life of the organism. It is by adjusting the life force that healing must be brought about.”   ~ Kabbalah

Welcome to The Natural Path! 

I'm Dr. Gretchen Snell.  Since 1989, I have been teaching clients how to build their health, energy and vitality using natural therapeutics.  From infancy to elderly, at any level of illness or disease, homeopathy and natural medicines can improve and restore overall health.  In my practice, I teach, coach and challenge my clients to take charge of their own internal healing power.  From a homeopathic perspective, illness and disease represent an imbalance in the body's vital force.  Symptoms provide a roadmap to identify any impedance in the natural flow of energy.  Whether on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, the imbalance will always register in the electromagnetic, or bioenergetic field.  Imbalances in the bioenergy can be detected and the effects monitored during treatment to observe the progression of healing.  Because imbalances initiate in the energy field, many times potential problems can be detected and removed prior to developing more serious diseases.  

Homeopathy and  Natural Therapeutics (Herbs, Nutraceuticals and Homotoxicological remedies) are utilized to successfully remove blocks in the physical, mental and emotional and energetic bodies thus restoring balance and free flow to the body's vital force.  A balanced body, mind and energy field is capable of self-repair from damage and toxic influences.  A Comprehensive Health Analysis comprises ElectroDermal Analysis, Iridology and Classical Homeopathic Interview.  Modalities and treatments include: Homeopathy and Homotoxicology, Herbs and Botanical Therapeutics, Nutrition, Physiological Regulating Medicine, Acupressure and Auricular Pain Management,  Soft Laser Therapy, Stress Management, Bach Flower Remedies and Counseling. (For more information see Services).

Homeopathy, a proven system of medicine for over 200 years, is practiced widely throughout the world.  It works by stimulating the body’s natural defenses rather than suppressing symptoms. Natural remedies are used which are non-toxic and do not cause side effects.  Homeopathy’s foundation is built upon a complete system of laws, philosophy, theories and practice.

Education and Degrees include:

  • PhD and Doctorate Degree in Natural Medicine - International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine.
  • Master of Science Degree - Homeopathy & Natural Health Science
  • ​HeartMath - Trauma Sensitive Certified Practitioner
  • Diplomat of Homeopathy (INHS)
  • Bioenergetics Certification (INHS)
  • Midwest Academy for the Healing Arts
    • Integra Practitioner I & II
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
    • University of Michigan
  • Faculty advisor and instructor at the Institute of Natural Health Sciences
  • Member of the Scientific and Medical Network 

Additionally, I am a faculty advisor and an instructor at the Institute of Natural Health Sciences. Natural Path Consulting is located at 2185 South Milford Road.  Hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM – 3:00 and after hours by appointment.