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Coyote, The Trickster: The Dance from Chaos to Order

Posted 08/21/2022 08:45:47
Category: Articles & News

Coyote, The Trickster: The Dance from Chaos to Order

Every indigenous culture has stories or folklore regarding “The Trickster”. To the Native Americans the Trickster is known as Coyote, in Native Europeans cultures he is called Lugh, Loki by the Norseman, even royalty had court jesters. 

The Trickster will present alternate perspectives often through shock, manipulation or sometimes (if we are lucky) humor. Their purpose? To shake loose the bonds of complacency, inertia or even fear.  Coyote introduces the element of the unknown, challenging the laws and boundaries of a system. This element of chaos is necessary to prevent stagnation and degradation. 
Irrespective of exhaustive amounts of energy spent in bracing for every possible scenario, and overprotecting for every possible threat, in sneaks Coyote. It is Natural Law; it is Chaos Theory. It is both inevitable, and a very necessary component of any open system to prevent stagnation and eventual decay through cessation of energy. Even the Architect in the movie The Matrix could not eliminate the Oracle (chaos) from The Program.  It is the dance between energy and matter.  

Our human body is an open system maintaining a dynamic equilibrium between order and chaos. The structures within our human body, both physical and energetic, contain information. Change the structure and you change the information. Change the information and you change the structure. Coyote appears introducing new information in ways we had not previously considered, often in the form of trauma or illness that can alter the entire trajectory of our lifepath. The structure of the system rearranges to assimilate the new information. Everything appears to break down during the period of chaos and reformation. This explains why healing is often a bumpy ride; healing requires the breakdown and elimination of that which no longer serves our inner Essence.  
Chaos Theory explains that seemingly random energy in an open system does follow patterns. When energy (information) is added to the system, it may appear to induce chaos, but there is a subtle type of underlying order. Nature rearranges itself according to highly intricate fractal patterns, feedback loops, and self-organization creating order from chaos. As a new information is introduced, the entirety of the system’s energy oscillates finding a new equilibrium. 
This approach is extremely useful in the practice of energy medicine.  As forms of highly coherent energy patterns are introduced to the body (photons, sound frequencies, electromagnetic and scalar waves, homeopathic remedies), the cells, organs, DNA and biofield resonate to this new information. If we have been operating from a state of illness, dis-ease or low potential, these new highly organized patterns can produce a state of seeming “chaos” as we strive to assimilate the new information and manifest a state congruent with this higher order. Again, healing requires the breakdown and elimination of that which no longer serves our inner Essence.  
Healing takes time. We are multi-dimensional beings; true healing must unfold and manifest throughout every level of our being. Sometimes it is a bumpy ride, with Coyote in the passenger seat. Yet, tangling with Coyote can illuminate a deep perseverance and teach us the depths of spirit we may not have known we possessed. 

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