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Cymatics - Sound Made Visible.

Posted 09/27/2023 09:31:46
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Cymatics - Sound Made Visible.

Cymatics, discovered by Hans Jenny, medical doctor and researcher, coined the term to describe the effect that sound and vibration have on matter. The image above was created when Kate Hart sang the word Love. Ground-breaking work by Gerald Pollack in The Fourth Phase of Water, details the three-dimensional structure and behavior of water.  This fourth phase of water provides a mechanism for water being an information-carrier. 
As the body consists of about 70% water, and water is an excellent conductor of sound, vibrational (sound) medicine can provide a powerful means of healing. Structured, therapeutic sound patterns can rearrange dissonance within cells and tissues, into a highly coherent state that facilitates healing.  The healing frequencies of nature and color found in our therapeutic sound compilations - Sayonic 3 and Color of Sound – provide rich patterns and fields of vibrations that elevate our bodies to a highly coherent state that facilitates healing. 

Cymatics pattern for the Schumann Resonance from Sayonic 3.

According to the work of Doctor Stephen 
Porges, there is a direct link between the ear and the sensory pathways of the vagus nerve. This nerve modulates between the "fight or flight" and  "rest and restore" modes of our nervous system. Structured patterns of sound and the healing frequencies found in nature can turn on the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for our rest and restore, which is essential for healing.  Read our research  ==> Healing with the BioAcoustics of Nature.

Our BioScalar Energy Regeneration sessions feature three forms of vibrational therapies that impart structured, highly coherent energy patterns in the form of sound, light and infared energy. Each therapy imparts structured patterns, yet when combined, creates a synergy capable of producing profound healing results.
Sessions are held Tuesdays and Fridays at Natural Path Consulting.  To schedule your session, click here ==> BioScalar Energy Regeneration

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