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Microbial Allies - A Shift in Perspective

Posted 12/27/2021 21:51:53
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Microbial Allies – A Shift in Perspective.

Time for a reset on our very skewed perspective of microbe as enemy. Vibrant health is achieved through the balance of the vast microbes that live with us in symbiotic relationship.  Our gastrointestinal tract alone houses trillions of microbes.  More than immensely helpful, these microbes are crucial for optimal function. But what about other microbes?
The development of Germ Theory established microbes as the foundation and causative agents of disease. Prior medical systems that viewed toxic environmental conditions (both external and internal) as the cause of disease diminished in significance. Now an identifiable agent could be found and eradicated. Germ theory was supported by the advent of antibiotics. Research laboratories are in perpetual search for the "one microbe" that produces the disease. The modern approach was set for heroic interventions that attack and destroy the enemy without much consideration as to the groundwork that allowed for the disease development. A linear approach simplifies this process yet fosters an illusion of possessing the capacity to exert control over the process. 
Prior to the advent of synthetic pharmacology in the early 1900’s, respiratory illnesses were healed using herbs and homeopathic remedies. During the deadly flu epidemic of 1918 which claimed over a million lives, the patients of homeopathic doctors had a death rate of only 1%, while the death rate in other systems of medicine was over 30%. In the 1930’s, doctors in German hospitals obtained similar results.  Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg successfully treated pneumonia exclusively with homeopathic remedies - and no deaths occurred. Dr. Reckeweg, who subsequently developed the practice of Homotoxicology, concluded that:
“Pneumonia is an inflammation recognized by an exudate into the lungs. The task of pneumococci is to dissolve the condensed secretion products in the lungs, through secretion of the enzyme hyaluronidase. Without this enzyme, produced by the pneumonococci, this dissolution process would not be possible. When destroyed through sulphonamides or antibiotics, the microbes cannot fulfill their biological task”.
From a homeopathic perspective, illness is a biologically, goal-oriented, useful process representing the body’s attempt to fight or repair damage.  Symptoms of disease often are the result of toxic settlements that the body cannot effectively eliminate. Accumulation of toxins disrupts healthy cellular function by impeding both the flow of nutrients and the removal of waste products.  And much like a garden, toxic soil is a rich breeding ground for the growth of harmful, pathogenic microorganism.  
Yet, our very individualistic nature provides the ultimate challenge for the streamlined, “one microbe, one cure” approach. Precisely where toxic settlements accumulate and breakdown in cellular communication occurs will be unique to the individual. For example, toxins may cause a liver dysfunction in one person, and an endocrine or immune system disruption in another person. A chemical assay of the blood and urine may indicate the presence of toxicity but may not point specifically to the origin of cellular disruption. 
The advanced technologies of Electro Dermal Analysis (EDA) can shine a light on the blind spots of allopathic medicine.  EDA provides a wealth of information to the practitioner, providing possibilities for intervention at much earlier stages in the healing process.  Energetic communication within individual organs and tissue can be accurately assessed.  EDA practitioners use hundreds of homeopathically prepared test samples to determine what types of toxins, virus, bacteria, parasites, fungus, environmental effects, and allergies affect the human body.  
Rather than seeking eradication, Homeopathy recognizes these symptoms as the body’s attempt to regain health by alerting us to an imbalance.  Remedies work with the body’s natural defense mechanisms to eliminate that which is the source of imbalance, strengthen the immune system and empower the body to heal.
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