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Where Your Thoughts Are, You Are

Posted 01/21/2021 13:50:11
Category: Articles & News


Where Your Thoughts Are, You Are

Witnessing the world changes of struggles and devastation can instill a sense of disorientation and disillusion. Changes are occurring at a phenomenal rate. Watching from a distance engenders feelings of helplessness, as if we are unable to affect events. 

The truth is that we are all connected and a change in one area of the world ultimately affects other areas. Instead of focusing on despair and fear, we can turn our gaze toward that which feeds our souls and focus of what brings beauty and goodness in our lives. If peace is what you desire, then choose peace in all aspects of your life. Seek it wherever you go and create it in whatever you do. Be mindful of peace in your daily activities even in the simplest of mundane tasks. 
Change begins in the mind and a change must take place on the inner level before it will make a difference in the outside world. The manifestation of peace in our own life and community will produce a change in the web in which all life is connected. 

We can reestablish balance by also focusing on all that brings the beauty and goodness of creation into our lives. This allows us to embrace change by trusting in the work of the universe and knowing that all change is for our highest good. To bring more of what we desire, we must shift our attention to that which we desire. It is this collective shift in awareness that has a ripple effect and produces a change in the web in which all life is inter-connected.
These world changes and states of turmoil can trigger profound changes in our awareness. We become acutely aware of the precious yet fleeting nature of life. We are grateful for life’s many gifts and can release petty grievances. Even the most violent of storms are followed by sun and the return of lush growth from the earth. Nature is cyclical and change is constant. Resistance to this constant flow can create the blockages that initiate illness. A balanced reality consists of both the bitter and the sweet. The bitter allows the space for counting our many blessings and gifts. 

The time is now to choose our own paths of happiness and fulfillment. What is it that you really want in your life and from your life? What is it that truly makes you happy? Is the focus of your time in areas that nourish your life and your soul? Just as our bodies thrive on proper nourishment, our souls require nourishment from positive uplifting input. When place our intent on affecting changes in our own lives, that extends to our immediate environment and, yes, even the far away places.

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