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Wings of Light, Feet of Clay: On the Nature of Healing

Posted 05/11/2021 10:53:39
Category: Articles & News

Wings of Light, Feet of Clay: On the Nature of Healing

Finally, the culmination of nearly two decades of research and clinical work…
Are you interested in increasing energy, vitality, resilience, and immunity naturally?
Wings of Light, Feet of Clay: On the Nature of Healing is dedicated to all those who refuse to stand powerless in the face of healing.

Through a weaving of science and story, this work shines a light on the wisdom of the human energy field - an entire dimension that is missing from our system of conventional medicine.
The condition of your mindset creates your reality; the condition of your physical body determines your ability to achieve your goals.  And, the condition of your energy field determines the capacity to create both.

Would you like to enhance your understanding of subtle energy and quantum fields, and how these provide a roadmap to healing?
The information presented leaves the reader with a deeper comprehension of how this vital information can be applied to affect our unlimited capacity for healing.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to assist numerous people on their healing journey by practicing and teaching the art of healing with natural medicine. It has been my passion and my hope to raise awareness of the incredible power of natural medicine.  That natural medicine is both safe and effective, providing an alternate path to those who still are searching, and to enlighten those who may be unaware of their innate capacity to heal. To challenge the misperception that illness means we are broken and in need of repair.
Here lies the different path; may walk in gentleness and beauty.
Available on Amazon Wings of Light: Feet of Clay