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Your Innate Power to Heal

Posted 09/15/2022 13:35:30
Category: Articles & News

Your Innate Power to Heal

     I think I was born asking questions. How do giant oak trees grow out of tiny acorns? When I cut the acorn apart, I did not see any instructions. If a caterpillar is eventually going to turn into a butterfly, why not just start with wings? And who thought eating turnips was a good idea? I’m not sure I ever grew out of that stage of childhood that asks incessant questions. You can imagine what a handful I was to the teachers and other adults in my life.

     Nothing frustrated me more than, "Well, that’s just the way it is", or it’s corollary "Because we said so". It’s not surprising that science and eventually medicine became the focus of my studies. Growing up in the woods and fields that bordered the shores of the Great Lakes afforded me numerous hours to explore and observe nature and search for the answers to my endless questions. I was able to observe the natural rhythms, patterns, cycles, and even the beauty of growth from decay. Nature flourished with a continual rhythm and beauty without any human intervention - in fact, without the need for human intervention. If humans disappeared tomorrow, She would keep on unfurling, breathing, blooming, withering and decaying and continue this ever-unfolding order of beauty.
While attending university I became friends with students from around the world. This is where I was first introduced to the concept of vegan and raw foods. Note that this was early 1980’s.

These concepts now are more widely known and accepted, even sold in conventional grocery stores. Back then you were lumped in with the hippies or freaks that not only avoided consuming animal products but, if they became ill, had an approach to healing that seemed almost sanctimonious.
     When it came to medicine, some of them had an an alternate and seemingly radical, even dangerous approach. Rather than run to the medical center and grab prescription drugs, they would seek out an herbalist or homeopath at the local co-op. Remember this was the 80’s. There were no Whole Foods or natural grocery stores. If you wanted raw nuts and organic produce you had to join a co-op. When feeling ill, my friends would hole up for a day or two, stay in bed, sip herbal teas and bone broth, take herbal tinctures, homeopathic "sugar pills", and sleep. Next day or two, they would pop up, whole and ready to go. I was completely fascinated by this continuum between what appeared at one end as witchcraft, and a system that was totally in alignment with nature at the other.

     However, this approach was inconjunction with what I had discovered as a child. That nature has its own innate wisdom and timing. When something was off balance, diverted, even broken, nature take steps to heal. It knows when to open the acorn and start the rooting process. And being inextricably interwoven with nature, humans also have innate templates and instructions. I was completely fascinated and knew this was a path I had to pursue. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. And eventually share the knowledge and adwareness of this incredible potential we had to heal naturally.
I have been blessed with the opportunity to help numerous people by practicing and teaching the art of healing through natural medicine. It is my hope to raise awareness of the power of natural medicine. That natural medicines are both safe and effective, providing an alternate path to those who still searching or may be unaware of their innate power to heal. To challenge the misperception that illness means we are broken and need of repair. And, to no longer accept ‘that’s just the way it is”.

"Illness and suffering are the results of the misdirection of creative energy. Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. That is it's purpose". Seth, 1972