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Welcome to The Quantum Heart

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Welcome to The Quantum Heart! 

A space to share stories of healing, insight from teachers and students, and ancient teachings merged with quantum physics.  To enter the Blog click here ==> https://thequantumheart.net

About The Quantum Heart 

A space to stop and breathe, to stand centered in the present moment. To release into the true nature of our human being, rather than our programmed mode of doing. The ever present now, where all power and possibilities are present ... in the wisdom of the quantum heart. Read more....






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What You Can Do to Stay Healthy!

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What You Can Do to Stay Healthy!

 # 1 - Your Human Body Possesses an Awesome Capacity to Heal 

“Humanity is awakening to the incredible power we have to influence our own healing. We all have the capacity to change the trajectory from disease to health. When working with natural medicine, we are working with natural law. Natural law holds all things in balance. We merely need to shore up deficiencies and remove impedances, then let the vital body restore homeostasis for healing.”  Wings of Light, Feet of Clay

# 2 - Microbes are a part of life. 
Viruses and bacteria have been around since the beginning of time. Many of these microbes are highly beneficial and we would not sustain life without them.  As we devise a new chemical therapy to eliminate a pathogenic species, it will invariably find a way to adapt and survive around it. This is part of our dilemma with microbial antibiotic resistance. Microbes are opportunistic and will thrive wherever conditions best suit them. The goal is to develop an internal environment supporting the beneficial bacteria while eliminating the opportunistic pathogens. The best offense is a good defense, and the best offense is to focus on strategies that build healthy tissue.
Fact # 3 – Simple Strategies Are Powerfully Effective 
Preventative measure exist that will empower you to take control of your own health. Though simple, they bear reviewing:

  •  Drink lots of water. Hydration is essential to flush toxins and waste products from the system 
  •  Eat a diet rich in antioxidants and dense in nutrients. These are abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes
  • Supplement with green superfoods and probiotics for trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and micro flora necessary for proper immune function 
  • Use adaptogenic herbs that help cleans the bloodstream and eliminative organs, and assist in cellular detoxification – ginger, garlic, burdock, dandelion, alfalfa, thyme, and elderberry 
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep. A few minutes of meditation each day will relieve stress on the nervous system building the body’s natural reserves 

Fact # 4 - Homeopathic Remedies Assist in Prevention and Accelerate Recovery 
Numerous scientific studies have been conducted worldwide proving that homeopathic remedies assist in prevention of and recovery from virtually every illness on the face of the planet. Clinical studies have proven certain homeopathic and herbal formulas superior to the vaccine and anti-viral medicines in prophylactic coverage and recovery from flu. Advances in homeopathy have created remedies that regulate physiological processes increasing lymphocytes, natural killer cells and anti-inflammatory molecules necessary for arresting microbes and toxins that contribute to both acute and chronic illness. 
Above all, remember: You hold the power to build your health!

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Homeopathic Facts - Did You Know...?

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Homeopathic Facts - Did You Know...?

Homeopathy is a 200+ year old proven system of medicine that works by stimulating the body’s natural defenses.  Homeopathy means “similar suffering” - a homeopathic substance that produces symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms in an ill person.  (Hippocrates) 
Homeopathy is a scientifically proven system of healing that is based on natural laws and principles. A highly systematic method, it powerfully stimulates the body’s vital force and defense mechanisms, which leads to true healing. 
The Great White Plague (deadly flu epidemic) of 1918, that claimed over a million lives, homeopaths had a death rate of only 1.05%, while allopaths had an overall death rate of over 30%.  
During the 1832 cholera epidemic, homeopaths had great success. The names and addresses of patients cured of cholera were recorded. Of 1116, only 3 percent died, while between 48 and 60 percent of those under orthodox medical treatment died.                                
Divided Legacy (Vol III, Coulter) 
 Homeopathy Works!  It has for over 200 years and many of you are proof positive it still does. Are you interested in homeopathic prevention? Increasing energy, resilience and natural immunity?  Schedule an appointment here ==>  Natural Path Consulting

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Garlic - A Powerful Ally & Workshop

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Thank you for the fantastic, positive feedback from the 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop! It is both awesome and humbling to hear how this work has affected you on a deep level.  Due to powerful storms, a few were unable to make the second session.  No worries, you will be able to join the workshop next month.  


I received many requests to hold a daytime session of the workshop. So, in response to those requests, the 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop will be held again:
Friday, 9/10/2021 - 10 AM – 3 PM (@ Natural Path Consulting in Milford)
Don’t miss this opportunity to Discover the Hidden Power of Your Human Energy Field!

Here is a just a small sample of information from the workshop regarding an herb that is often overlooked for its tremendous immune enhancing properties. 
To reserve your seat, click on: The 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop
Garlic – Allium sativa - The Flower of Power.  

Garlic is strengthening, energy-giving and detoxifying. The essence or vital energy of garlic provides a basis to builds confidence and resilience.  It facilitates a sense of connection with the wholeness of life. What a perfect ally to bring healing at this point in our evolutionary path.
When crushed, garlic releases its active component allicin.  However, cooking destroys allicin so for medicinal purposes it is best eaten raw or cooked at low temps for less than twenty minutes.  Garlic has powerful antimicrobial powers. It can also help lower cholesterol. Take a few cloves of garlic, crush add them to a bottle of cold-pressed olive oil. Use this as a base for salad dressings and pesto.
·       Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic 
·       Detoxifies body of heavy metals and chemicals
·       Enhances immune function 
·       Can lower blood pressure and lipids
The bulb is the medicinal portion of the garlic plant.  Use fresh or crushed and soaked in olive oil.  Garlic is a rich source of minerals: calcium, folate, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc, and Vitamins B & C. Garlic is a powerful healing ally hiding right underneath our nose!

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Workshop - The 5 Paths of Healing Power

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Discover the Hidden Healing Power of

Your Human Energy Field!

Learn to unleash your healing potential through

The 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop


Background patternDescription automatically generatedWould you like to discover a powerfully effective, immediately accessible way to transform health?

Are you interested in learning how to achieve optimal health naturally by accessing a power that has been hiding in plain sight? 

The 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop is an immersive experience that combines ancient teachings with recent discoveries in Quantum Physics to accelerate your full healing potential.  

Did you know that we only use a small fraction of our infinite energy potential? Your Human Energy Field contains the blueprint of potential. Yet most of us have had scarcely any education regarding the extraordinary healing power of this energy body. With proper guidance, our internal healing forces can be directed to empower life

Illness does not define you! Rather, symptoms can be read as a highly individuated roadmap for your healing. 

The 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop is not for those looking for a quick fix. (As if such a thing actually exists, right?) This is for those of you willing to invest in lifestyle changes that will transform health; those that are looking for alternatives that are clearly causing healing for truly profound and lasting change. 


Are you interested in increasing energy, vitality, resilience and immunity naturally? Vibrant health starts with a decision. Each day we are taking steps to either build or tear it down. How about in a year from now, where would you like to be?  If your goal is vibrant health, small steps create profound impact. Whether you are new to the healing path, or an old pro, this workshop provides innovative steps to accelerate movement.


*** For more information, registration details and a Return to Health Limited Special Offer, click here ==>  5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop ***






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