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Biointegrative Health Assessment

A Unique Evaluation - Biointegrative Health Assessment

Identify Physiological Imbalances Interfering with Health and Metabolism.
Scientifically Objective, Valid, Reliable Testing

Get To The Root!
Stop Guessing 
About Which Foundational Supplements To Take
Targeted Supplementation

In 1959, Professor Louis-Claude Vincent researched, developed, and documented specific electrical values in the body's fluids that could accurately determine the "soil values" (aka the Bioterrian) for each living organism. With these values, we can assess the body's tendency toward metabolic balance or imbalance. Rather that specific symptoms and disease states, the focus of the Biointegrative Health Analysis is on the environmental conditions and the energetic properties of your cells, bio chemistry, and electromagnetic fields.  
In simple terms, bioterrain can be equated to soil. If soil is too acidic or alkaline, or if there are in adequate minerals, water, sunshine, etc. healthy crops cannot grow. Or, they will grow of inferior quality and be highly susceptible to invading insects or disease producing entities.  However, when we alter the condition of the soil, we can then successfully affect the vitality. This concept as it relates to the internal environment of the body defines bio terrain

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