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Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (PEMF)

 Magnetic fields are part of the functions of the body. Cellular communication is mediated through the actions of magnetic and electrical fields. PEMF Therapy energizes weak and damaged cells by inducing electrical activity in the cells and tissues.  Pulsed Magnetic Fields assist the bodies basic functions affecting every cell and tissue in the body.


Blood Circulation and Pressure

Immune Systems  

Neurotransmitter function 

Nervous System & Brain Function

Promotes Cellular Energy & Strength

Healing of Injuries 


Pain & Stiffness


Stress & Anxiety


Therapeutic use of PEMF has roots in science with thousands of controlled studies for a large variety of health conditions and physical processes. Since Electromagnetic fields were approved for use in the USA in 1979 for non-union and delayed union fractures. A decade later the FDA allowed the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields for the treatment of pain and edema in superficial soft tissues.