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BioScalar Energy Regeneration


The Future of Energy Healing is Here! 

Unleash the Power of Your DNA, and the Healing Wisdom of Your Biofield!

Revolutionary, Scalar technology proven to promote the capacity for healing our DNA and mitigate the harmful effects of radiation.  

BioScalar Energy Regeneration is a unique combination of three scientifically proven, energy healing modalities: EE System Scalar Technology, BioAcoustics and TeraHertz Frequencies. 

Group sessions are now being scheduled. Cost $ 125 for a 2 hour session. Please contact us here ==> More Info.   

After research by numerous practitioners and institutes around the world, including top scientists and chief engineers at both NASA and Baylor University, an exciting brand-new technology is available for use in our healing practices.  Scientists found that the scalar waves in the EE System can produce profound changes in your biofield, with the capacity to repair DNA and even lengthen telomeres. The EE System technology is the result of the courageous visionary, brilliant physicist, and healer – Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

By aligning with highly coherent energy fields, we can activate latent capabilities stored in our DNA to accelerate biophotonic communication through our biofield thus transcending current limitations in healing. As higher coherent energy fields are introduced to our body, we resonate like tuning forks with these fields.  This allows for the release of stagnant and impeded energy to be liberated and utilized for healing of the body, mind, and spirit. 

Here are just a few of the documented benefits from the EE System technology:

  • Neutralization of Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Enhanced Detoxification
  • Increased Cellular Hydration & Oxygenation
  • Balanced pH and Blood Sugar
  • Improved Learning/Memory Potential 
  • DNA and Nerve Regeneration

Scalar (Tesla) technology is the only thing known to counter radioactive issues providing radiation remediation in the body.  Radiation unzips the DNA, producing detrimental effects in the tissues.  According to Dr. Michael, the unified, bioscalar, coherent fields in the EE System, places DNA back in an organizational matrix and that provides the capacity to repair DNA. When our Bioenergy field is adjusted, it can release heavy metals and other toxins, reclaiming energy that our bodies can now use for healing.

Click to read ==> Amazing Research Results in Energy Medicine Study of BioAcoustic Frequencies and the EESystem "Cube"

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Results vary but the following testimonials are from just one or two sessions: 

Amazing feedback from recent sessions!

“I've had a couple sessions. 
The (eye) floaters that brought me to the hospital 4-5 years ago are GONE. I saw the eye doc today. My floaters are indeed GONE and the vision in my formerly "bad" eye is now 20/20. Do you know anyone almost 70 years old that their eyesight is IMPROVING?  Dr. D said she "can't argue with results." 
“My 90+ year friend's chronic hip pain is gone.  Others report that they and their loved ones are no longer experiencing the various chronic pain they had - hip, back, knee, etc.  I thought you might be interested in these results for either yourself or someone you know.” 
"I am a registered Nurse and Licensed Acupuncturist and have been in the Healing Arts for many years. After each session I feel calm energized my sleep is wonderful and I feel happy."

“Improved Mental clarity and complete elimination of brain fog. 
 I realized the joint stiffness and hobbling walk to get things going (old lady syndrome😂) after getting up from a chair, is gone. Hip pain is much less. 
This treatment is miraculously amazing. Thank you for making this available to us”.

“I really noticed a difference with my old tendon injury on my right arm.  Not sure if it was the BioScalar Energy or the (TeraHertz) wand or maybe it was both.  I’m very happy”. 

"My energy was zapped after my appointment. But my energy has been off the charts since then.  Not as much pain in my back.  I cooked all night, and I can't normally do that without a dozen breaks!  Can't wait for my next session!"

Watch "THE REVOLUTION OF HEALING” interview with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael 

==>  https://youtu.be/2bcYsBM1gnM

Disclaimer: The EE System and other frequencies devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure disease, or replace conventional medical treatment.