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ElectroDermal Analysis

Computerized Electro Dermal Analysis (EDA)

All living things are formed by electro-dynamic fields which can be measured.  This was proven by Dr. Harold Saxon Burr, at Yale School of medicine in the early 1900’s.  Dr. Burr believed that these fields revealed physical and mental conditions and reasoned that doctors should be able to use them to discover illness before symptoms develop.

In the 1940’s, Dr.  Reinhard Voll began developing a test method to observe and research electro-dynamic fields.  By the 1950s Voll had learned that the body had at least 1000 points on the skin which followed the 12 lines of the classical Chinese meridians. In 1953, Voll had established the procedure that became known as Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV).The acupuncture points provided access to information in the body based on electrical flow and ion concentration. A hypothesis was made that the health status of an organ will affect the concentration of ions and electrical conductance along the meridians. Inflammation of an organ may cause increased ion concentration and the increase of ions enhances the flow of electrons causing the conductance to increase. On the other hand, the degeneration of an organ may cause a decrease in ion concentration that hinders the flow of electrons, so conductance decreases.

The method, now known as known as Electro-Dermal Analysis (EDA), was documented and proven in over a decade of hospital studies in Germany. An EDA system gathers data regarding the functional disturbances and bio-energetic weaknesses of various bodily systems.  EDA Testing indirectly measures the "Energetic System" of the body. This information is used for research and the development of a treatment program unique to the individual.

In a study conducted by Dr. Tsuei and Dr. Lam   differences were demonstrated between patients with diabetes mellitus and normal controls. They showed that there were statistically significant changes in diabetic patients in pancreas and endocrine organ meridian/acupuncture points. Healthy subjects have been tested and there appear little differences in their age and gender differences for the acupuncture point studies.  In addition, Tsuei and Lam studied 300 patients with multiple allergies and concluded that EAV is a sensitive test and correlated significantly with the food challenge test in those patients.


What is EAV/CEDS? How Does it Work?

by Robert Eanes

Every EAV (electro-acupuncture according to Voll)  instrument is an OHM meter, i.e. It measures one thing - electrical impedance.

Back in the late 1940's, Dr. Reinholt Voll, MD began an investigation of the effects of electricity on the human physiology. In his studies, Dr. Voll used a technique known as Impedance or OHM metering. In simple terms, some materials are very electrically conductive, for example metals like steel and copper - electricity flows very easily through metals and therefore there is no substantial resistance on the electricity flowing through the metal. Other materials are not conductive, for example wood or rubber, and since these materials are not conductive, their resistance to electrical current is very high. An OHM meter measures electrical resistance (impedance), and it is also capable of measuring conductance since the inverse of resistance (1/resistivity approximately), is conductance.

Dr. Voll found that if he tested the electrical conductance on any general area of the human body, there was a fairly high level of electrical resistance. This is a curious point since we know that the body has a large volume of electrically conductive fluids within it. But, the skin is very resistant, by its nature to electrical current. Dr. Voll also found that at certain specific locations on the anatomy, the electrical flow is much more conductive, and these points generally correspond to the Eastern Medical Acupuncture points. Therefore, you can use an impedance or OHM meter to test the acupuncture points. This is somewhat simplistic, but it does describe the basic process of EAV.

EAV Testing indirectly measures the "Energetic System" of the body.

It does not measure the physiology, the biochemistry or the pathology components of the human body. However, the “Energetic System” is related to these components, from the standpoint of physics, not chemistry.  More Info