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Herbal Medicine

Herbs & Botanical 
Herbal Therapy is practiced by approximately 80% of the world’s population. Botanicals stimulate the body’s defenses and supply the raw material necessary for growth and maintenance of healthy cells and tissues.   

For many indigenous peoples, herbs provide a source of both medicine and food. Plants provided healing and nourishment on a spiritual and emotional level as well as a physical level. Medicines are crafted from plants or herbs, and used in the form of teas, tincture, poultices, and salves. 

Medicinal properties of plants have been known and utilized since beginning of history.  For the ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Hebrew, Roman, Persian and Native American societies, plants were an integral part of their daily life, often viewing foods and medicine as the synonymous.  Schools of herbal medicine existed in Egypt as far back as 3000BC; in China texts exist as early as 2800BC, and Hippocrates established a system of medicine that included herbs as foods and medicine.   In the 1500’s, Paracelsus, an eminent physician proposed the Doctrine of Signatures which stated that the external characteristics of a plant were put there by Creator to indicate possible therapeutic effects.  “God would not place a disease upon the earth without providing a cure for it, and a clue to the cure’s identity.  He places a signature on it by making remedies resemble the organs or maladies they can cure.”