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Soft Laser

Soft Laser Therapy

This therapy employes the use of a low-level laser. It has been successfully used for pain management and the rejuvenation of injured tissues. The laser energizes the cells stimulating the prodction of ATP - the cells fuel source for growth.  The body's enzyme systems are energized by this infusion of energy and cells are able to regenerate themselves. The FDA has approved low-level lasers for pain reduction such as neck, shoulder and wrist.

Low Level Laser Therapy and The Q Laser Series

Low level lasers like the Q Laser Series use less than one watt of power and they produce what can be best described as a "Healing Light".  Low level lasers have been noted as being a catalyst for "miraculous healing".  Every living tissue is made up of cells, as we age or get ill; these cells die or become less "active" from loosing electrons.  All cells are healthy due to the energy within the cell, which is surrounded by the cell wall.  When the nutrients are not held within by the cell wall the activity decreases and the cell dies.  Low level lasers like the Q1000 have indicated that they create a stable environment within the cell to allow nutrients to pass through, thereby increasing activity and increasing electrons.  

This Healing Light essentially "revives" a cell to normal functioning capability.  Numerous studies have been performed on the effectiveness of low level laser therapy PROVING that low level lasers can:

     *  Reduce Pain                                   *  Relax Muscles     

     *  Promote Faster Healing                      *  Enhance immune system     

     *  Reduce Inflammation                         *  Re-Energize Cells     

     *  Increase the rate of bone repair