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The 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop

Next offering will be: 

Friday, 9/10/2021

10 AM - 3 PM

 (Followed by optional open discussion)

Location: Natural Path Consulting, Milford


  • Learn how to influence your Human Energy Field (HEF) to transform and promote optimal health.  

  • Gain the knowledge of an emerging model of medical healing; a quantum model based on energy patterns and consciousness as the fabric of reality.

  • Unleash your full potential for healing through an eclectic synthesis of ancient, powerful teachings from Celtic, Taoist and Native American elders combined with the latest advances in quantum medicine. 

  • Discover a potent, effective method that is always available, completely natural and without harmful side effects. 

  • Acquire the knowledge of Plant Medicines that accompany each path.

This workshop is not intended to simply crowd the mind with more information.  Rather, this is an experiential workshop to reconnect you with the healing power of your vital energy body.

The condition of your mind creates your reality. The condition of your body determines your ability to achieve your goals. However, the condition of your energy body determines the capacity to create both. Yet most of us have had scarcely any education regarding the hidden wisdom and the extraordinary healing power of the energy body. The 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop unveils this wisdom.  Additionally, the healing frequencies of plant medicines to support each of the 5 Paths will be discussed. 

As a special bonus, I will be providing The 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop eBook to be sent upon registration. This material will cover notes and information discussed in the workshop.

5 Path of Healing Power Workshop is $ 400.  Registration in advance in required.  


*** For registration and payment click here ==>  The 5 Paths of Healing Power Workshop ***